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How to perform a word count for a document or website.

Aside from the tool on our "Free quote" page, which is great for counting the number of words in the text to be translated, the following solutions are also available for both Word documents and other file types:

A. Online word count without using the standard applications:

- For one of the following types of document (with a maximum size of 15 MB):

word logo 
Microsoft Word (.doc of .docx)

pdf logo  Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

 rtf logo   txt logo  Rich Text File of Text file (.rtf of .txt):

go to the free WordCounter website, upload your document, note down the word count.

- For one of the following types of document (with a maximum size of 1 MB):

html logo  
HTML-file (.html)

XML logo  XML-file (.xml)

CSV logo  CSV-file (.csv):

go to the free Count On It website, upload your document, note down the word count.

- To perform a word count of a complete website (not created using Flash)
website logo :

go to the Webwordcount website and input the internet address (URL) (free word count for sites up to 100 web pages; word count of larger websites will be performed for a small fee). Note down the word count

- For a document in a different format
(Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, etc): see under or the contact us section

B. Performing a word count offline in standard applications:

  •  word logo   Microsoft Word: Word can count the number of words in a Word document.
    Follow the link to see how to do it: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/count-the-number-of-words-in-a-document-HA010368775.aspx

  • pdf logo    Adobe Acrobat pdf: Adobe Acrobat lets the user save a PDF document as an RTF file, which can be opened in Microsoft Word and the number of words subsequently counted (see above).

  • excel logo   Microsoft Excel: the usual method is to save the worksheet as a text document, and to then open it in Microsoft Word where the word count can be performed (see above). Please note that only one worksheet at a time can be saved and text in text boxes is not saved in the text document, so the final word count may not be completely accurate.

  • powerpoint logo   Microsoft Powerpoint: the number of words in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation can be counted as follows:
    Click on the "Document" tab, and click on "Info" in the far left panel. Click on "Show all properties" at the bottom of the far right panel. The "Words" property counts all the text in the "slides" and "notes" pages.
    Further information, including on how to perform a word count in other versions of PowerPoint, can be found at:

  • odt logo, openoffice logo   OpenOffice: open the document in OpenOffice, select "Document" > "Properties" and click the "Statistics" tab. The word count is contained in the dialogue.
    Alternatively, select "Tools" > "Word Count".

We will naturally be happy to assist you in performing a word count of your document. If you are not sure if you have an accurate figure, contact us, and we will quickly provide an accurate word count for almost any type of document.

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